Awesome Autumn

What an amazing autumn!   I think I often miss most of its glories as I’m either hiding inside from the rain and cold or peering out of the windscreen of a steamy car watching the wipers slosh the wet away.  This year, blessed with so many dry, warm days,   wp_20161113_14_02_00_pro   I’ve actually seen the leaves falling gently to earth and have enjoyed walking over multicoloured carpets of crisp leaves in the woods.wp_20161113_14_04_46_pro

It has been stunning and inspired us to have another youngsters art workshop where we used the beautiful colours of autumn to creatchestnutse some lovely wp_20161026_12_12_56_pro pictures and the harvests of pine cones, acorns and conkers to make all sorts of peculiar things!


It was really good fun and loathe to be beaten off by the threat of less clement weather to come, we are going to squeeze one more kids workshop in before Christmas where we will make willow wreaths and tree decorations amongst other things.


This morning, the kids and I had a little practise run using more of those beautiful leaves and some of the Spindle tree fruit from the woods, which is so pretty.   We were all rather pleased with the results and are looking forward to making them with the kids around the campfire!

wp_20161116_11_35_31_pro wp_20161116_10_43_22_pro wp_20161116_11_18_42_pro wp_20161116_11_15_18_prochristmas-arts-and-crafts-poster