Summer Daze

Happy Campers!

Another fab summer in Yomer Wood with some lovely campers enjoying peace and tranquility amongst the trees whilst the North Devon coast laboured under the weight of a summer onslaught of visitors.  Lee remains a relatively calm spot in the summer months by virtue of its single track lane from the bay towards Mortehoe which deters many from driving in one end and out the other.  The benefit of free parking at the seafront, a pub and a beachside cafe and safe swimming, make it a great option when the Bank Holiday sun comes out and every 4 wheeled vehicle within a 100 mile radius seems bent on getting to the beach!  Our two large groups of Bank Holiday campers certainly enjoyed themselves, camped within walking distance of all these treats and each with 5 acres to themselves!

Fun with the kids!

We had two fab kids workshops in August with Kim from SeaGreen school.  We made stick people to sit on stick rafts and went to float them on the pond.  There were some brilliant designs and very few sinkings.  Some of the boys generously took it upon themselves to help retrieve the boats by getting in the pond!  See some more lovely pics on our Arts and Crafts page and watch out for Autumn workshops to be announced soon!