Wild workshops!

So we had lots more workshops in 2017. At Easter, Sea Green school worked with us to capture the glories of the spring primroses in prints and paintings and inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, we had a go at building a person sized nest as well as some little ones to take home full of easter eggs.


Then inspired by the bluebells that followed the primroses, we had both a childrens and an adults felt making workshop with Clare Russell.  All the results were beautiful and it was loads of fun.

The kids:

The grown ups:

In the summer, as it warmed up, Kim and Sea Green school worked with us and the kids to build stick people and rafts and float them on the pond. A few of the kids took the opportunity to cool off in the pond too.


And Now to 2018!

Well at Easter we have two childrens music workshops led by musician and teacher Joe Steer on 3rd and 10th April – see below – and another Primrose inspired Art workshop with artist Clare Russell on  Friday 6th April.

new date

Can’t wait – get in touch if you fancy joining us.